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That's why we made affordable training curriculums that work. FAST.

If you struggle with

  • A new puppy who needs training

  • Uncontrollable barking day or night

  • Unpleasant walks (drug down street)

  • Aggression/abuse issues

  • Chewing, biting, digging

  • Urinating in the house

  • Doggy Socializing at parks or other

  • Breed specific issues

  • Any other unwanted behavior

Or want to work on:

  • Command Training (sit, stay, laydown, roll over, etc.

  • Agility training

  • Off leash skillsets

  • Socializing comfort

  • leash walking

  • Breed specific desires

  • New puppy training

You're in the right place.

"We love our communities dogs as much as their owners do. We are passionate about shaping and correcting unwanted behavior's with loving and kind techniques, and we PROMISE to be your LAST stop for all things training.

"We noticed DRAMATIC differences in our dog after just the first session!" - Chris

We work with ALL breeds shapes and sizes and guarantee our work.

Dog Training Spokane

So whether you want to work as a group, individual or at home training, we've got you covered. Our trainers are all experienced and laser focused on the results you ask for.

Meet the Owners

Beth (Owner & Lead Trainer)

Casey (Owner & Lead Trainer)

Alicia Davies

"Highly Recommended Dog Trainer! We cannot recommend Alpha K9 enough! We were struggling to control our 4 year old German shepherd Maui who was showing some serious defiance. We didn't know what to do and were starting to worry that nothing would work. But Alpha K9 completely turned things around for us. Their approach to training is innovative and effective. They really take the time to get to know each dog and their unique personality and needs. They don't use any harsh or inhumane methods, but instead rely on positive reinforcement and tailored training techniques. In just a few weeks, Maui has made significant progress and we are amazed at how responsive he has become to our commands. The trainers also took the time to teach us specific techniques so we could continue the training on our own. Overall, we are extremely impressed and grateful for the fantastic work Alpha K9 did with our dog. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for help with training their furry friend!"

Wilson Ramos:

"We brought our Goldendoodle here, and it was the best decision ever. The staff members are fantastic. They treated our puppy as their own and gave her a lot of love and care. Our Zoey was wild, hyper, and scared of other dogs, and now she is like a new dog, behaving so well. Also, it is easier to work with her when taking her outside, and she loves to play with other dogs. If you’re looking for a place to train your dog, this is the best place in Spokane; you won’t regret it."